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    Two-head bending machine

    Brief Description:

    It is digital control. Easy to operate and maintain. Automatically measure, bend, clamp, and fast moulding. Controlled by PLC and CNC. Hundreds of graphs stored. There is Database. Controlled and driven by Servo Motor. Move and bend in two directions, and more 20 angles of graphs can be bent. High productivity. Average daily production quantity is 5500pcs, same with that of 12 workers. Ten times more than additional machine. Machine is used widely in field of road and bridge construction, steel processing factory.


    1. Controlled by PLC with HD touch screen, easy to operate, sensitive reaction.

    2. Mobile main machine uses imported servo motor. Special position control mode improves the resetting accuracy.

    3. Main machine of bending machine uses imported servo motor, ensuring rebar- bending precision

    4. Wear-resistant track with the patent, long service life, main machine move quickly and smoothly.

    5. Telescopic bending axis assures bending rebars in two directions. Complex graphs can be processed quickly.

    6. Process several bars one time. Improve work efficiency.

    7. Kinds of graphs can be pre-stored in database. There is graph system for personal edit.

    8. High automation. Automatically walk and bend. Increase safety.

    9. When bending different diameters of rebars, easy to change bending axis and bending mandrel.

    10. Rolling material-feeding platform can bear large quantity of bars. Easy to feed, Save labor.

    11. After downloading the graph from computer, it will show the cutting length of steel bar. easily operate.

    12. Use integral hoisting, no need of dismantling when moving. Easy to install. Both at a fixed site or flow site can be used.

    Bending Capacity

    Technical Parameter:




    Bending Capacity


    Bending angle


    Bending angle







    Max Speed (m/s


      Bending Speed (°/s)


      Length Precision of Bending

    ±1 mm

    Min length

    90 mm

    90 mm


    Chinese Brand Servo Motor

    International Brand Servo Motor,

    Wear-resistant track,

    Flexible clamping device

    Installed power

    15 KW

    15 KW

      Total dimension(L×W×H)

    12x2.15x1.6 (m)

    Total weight

    6 T

    6.5 T


















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